Friday, August 19, 2011

Demo reel

A demo reel for my portfolio consists of my thesis and some in connection with my OJT.

My thesis entitled "Sorbetes" and the OJT I worked for was an Wedding AVP for the
sister of my professor, Mr. Chino Wasan not so long ago.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


This artwork was done a few years ago. The image was copied from a book and I
executed using watercolor.
"Japanese Kid"
This was done during an art class in school. Sir Uy, my COLREND professor
gave a task to the class to use watercolor during a one meet so we will be more exposed to 
using various mediums.

These artworks are used by using the medium watercolor. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

"Buzz Lightyear"

Buzz Lightyear known for Pixar for many years now. Reminiscing childhood memories, 
I wanted to explore my own kid-at-heart self. I decided why not re-draw a pixar figure but in a different


As for this cowgirl, I remember Woody from Pixar. Instead of creating Woody through digital painting
in a differerent style, I drew a cowgirl.

These artworks are all used by medium of digital painting.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A dog is a man's best friend, don't you agree? 
Nothing in connection with me or anything. But does remind me of "Hachiko" and
the movie "Marley and Me".

I remember watching an animated movie "Rio". A bird heading for an adventure with his doggy and birdie friends. Anyway, a movie inspired for this digital artwork.

Mike, a dear friend of mine. 
This was when he received his plaque during the Honors' Convocation. 

"Bob Marley"
Bob Marley is to be remembered as one of the greatest music icons.
 Mostly known for his Reggae Music.

"Taxi Cab"
This is how taxi cab looks like from Singapore. 
Taken when I went there for a CG Overdrive last year 2010.

"Martha the Dog"
I owned this dog, namely "Martha". She's a bitch.

"Singaporean Guy"
I saw this man eating all alone, when I was with my friends on the mall at Singapore.

"Clown Fish"
Ever watched "Finding Nemo"? ...Well, I do! This was somehow was inspired by a Pixar movie.
A clown fish, though never was really funny, is still a fish. 

"Roar!" is what the Lion says. Lions tend to be fierce and brave at the same time. At times, can
be tamed. A lion is one of my favorite animals on the animal kingdom.

I remember when going to UP Diliman, there are a lot of sunflowers there. You should
go visit UP, during the season of sunflowers other than the event where guys who
 ran naked on campus.

"American kid"
How american kids mostly look like before. Now, mostly they go obese. 

"Asian kid holding an umbrella"
Heading on for a rainy day? then pick up some umbrella, dear! Either sunny or rainy,
it keeps us protected from UV light rays and sickness.

At times, Pancake is what I ate during breakfast on weekends. Look at this yummy pancake, 
doesn't this look delicious?  

Mike Tan, one of the greatest people I have ever met. :)

"Asian kid wearing a tiger suit"
Asian kids wearing on their costumes for a festival to go to. Don't you think? They celebrate
their festivities abundantly! 

"Chinese kid"
A piece for practicing my digital painting skills. I tried exploring the lighting when the figure is
faced in front of a picture.

I remember when my family went to New York and watched the broadway show "Mamma Mia" when
I was on my junior year in high school.Making a digital painitng like this, gives back happy memories back from the past.

Done this out of boredom. Well, actually I wanted to know how good I have been progressing
since I practice digital painting almost everyday and this was the outcome.

These artworks are all used by medium of digital painting.